Stephen Browning, 2013 Artist

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Stephen Browning, SHR artist 2013 Stephen Browning lives in Menlo Park, California, where he has worked as a painter, printmaker, and poet for many years. Of his two pictures represented here, “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” is a very large sumi ink drawing on paper, colored with acrylic, and is part of a series of Old Testament subjects interpreted rather freely. The other picture, acrylic on canvas, is a depiction of the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle,” where the cat and the fiddle and all the rest make their appearances, the cow here taking the form of a rocket, for how else is she to jump over the moon? And it should be obvious what constitutes the dish. Mr Browning’s poetry has appeared most recently in the literary journal Ploughshares and a book of his poetry, Hunger for Light, is available from Amazon. At age 81, he is perhaps Sand Hill Review’s oldest contributor.

Art Work Details

Hey Diddle Diddle: Oil, 84″ x 60″

Daniel in the Lion’s Den: Oil, 84″ x 60″

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