The Folk Hero, by Brian Howlett, Short Story, SHR 2017

The Folk Hero, 2017

by Brian Howlett Monday May 22, 1989 One song at a time. One fragile, familiar verse building upon another. That’s how you make it through […]

Jack D. Harvey, 2017 Poet, SHR

Jack D. Harvey, 2017 Poet

Apples Apples. Bark apples, block apples, tea apples, cart apples, apples also apples: singing harp apples, Helen’s apples, little green apples. Not apples: treacle guns, […]

Nancy L. Meyers, Poet, 2017

Nancy L. Meyer, 2017 Poet

You Deny It deny the wet and naked in the brook, deny the rock. You never feel my pulse waterfalling. The veneer of algae, that’s […]

Edie Mathews converses with SHR

SHR Podcast with Edie Matthews

Edie Matthews has worked in print, radio and TV newsrooms, as a tech writer in Silicon Valley and a standup comedian. In comedy clubs, she […]