A Quest for a Good Story

What makes a story great? Does it ratchet emotions to extremes? Is it perfumed with exotic visuals? Must it always take you to a new […]

Joyce Savre, 2015 Artist

Joyce Savre came to painting by way of poetry. In the process of writing and editing poems. “I became so absorbed by language, I felt I […]

Nanci Lee Woody Podcast

Podcast: Nanci Woody, writer

Nanci Lee Woody taught management and accounting classes, wrote textbooks, and served as Dean of Business at American River College.

UnexpectedGifts, by Bess Vanrenen17

Unexpected Gifts, 2017

by Bess Vanrenen I made a point of giving the letters to Ed. After the first: “Did you see this, Ed? It’s from the bank.” […]

Wendy D. Walter, SHR Editor

Welcome to SHR

We are changing things up at SHR because we want to up our engagement with creatives like you. The publishing world has changed. The Internet […]

Podcast: Elise Frances Miller, writer

  An excerpt from Elise’s new book  The Berkeley Girl Goes To Paris 1968:  “In the decade that Americans of several generations are obsessed with

Podcast: Tina Gibson, poet

  Tina Gibson on her epic poem, Misfit Island: “I have always wanted to write a book about the struggles young women go through—

Podcast: Wendy D. Walter, writer

  Writing was an early passion for Wendy. As a kid, she wrote lots of stories, but being shy, they usually ended up under the […]