Good Boy, 2018

by Anne Leigh Parrish Of course, he hadn’t meant to. No man in his right mind would utter the name of a former lover while having […]

Ann Bridges

Ann Bridges is the author of three books: Private Offerings, and Rare Mettle, novels of Silicon Valley, and Kit’s Mine (A Daring California Novel). She […]

Kristi Vosbeck Designs

KRISTI VOSBECK is part of a new breed of young couture designers, with an eye for glamour, focusing on the natural beauty of the female […]

Bill Garten, 2017 Poet

All Plant Diet A late September frost unlocks the leaves spring and summer’s ornaments decorate the landscape foraging chipmunks and squirrels where one tree grabs […]

My Mother's Afghan, by Betty Auchard, SHR writer 2017

My Mother’s Afghan, 2017

Written and Illustrated by Betty Auchard My mother lived on the first floor of an independent living facility for seniors. Even though all of them […]

The Folk Hero, by Brian Howlett, Short Story, SHR 2017

The Folk Hero, 2017

by Brian Howlett Monday May 22, 1989 One song at a time. One fragile, familiar verse building upon another. That’s how you make it through […]