Out of Here, 2016

by Beverly Burch Even after the door slammed, Vanessa stayed at the table to wipe up the spilled beer. Then she stood, completely still, her […]

Mad Dog, 2015

by Wendy D. Walter   Sadie awoke from her dreams of Heaven and Hell and was relieved to find the world had stopped. It had […]

The Taste Of Water, 2015

by Garrett Rowlan      Going up the El Cajon pass, Joe Boren felt the sprinkle of raindrops change to a slur. His windshield wipers pushed them aside. […]

To Be Thus Consumed, 2015

by Kate McCorkle      Back and forth, forth and back: front door, peep out window, walk to kitchen table, check front door again. January air creeps beneath […]

The End of the Century, 2015

by Lis Anna Langston      Stuart was my favorite roommate. Once he discovered gin, our apartment was a revolving door of busted romantic encounters. In the […]

Schrödinger’s Spouse, 2015

by Barry Head Fantastic for forty-two, Charley marvels, sitting on the edge of the bed watching her peel her sports bra over her auburn torrent […]

of Beetles and Dust, 2015

by John M. Gist Pulvis et umbra sumus.                                        Horace Samantha “I don’t know,” I mutter. “I do her hair every Thursday at four. For […]

An Accident of Beauty, 2015

by Joseph Eastburn The last time he’d seen Abigail, she had been walking down Broadway near the Ansonia Hotel in a black leather coat drawn […]