The Folk Hero, by Brian Howlett, Short Story, SHR 2017

The Folk Hero, 2017

by Brian Howlett Monday May 22, 1989 One song at a time. One fragile, familiar verse building upon another. That’s how you make it through […]

UnexpectedGifts, by Bess Vanrenen17

Unexpected Gifts, 2017

by Bess Vanrenen I made a point of giving the letters to Ed. After the first: “Did you see this, Ed? It’s from the bank.” […]

One Last Stop, 2016

by Jason Francis O’Keane You are already drunk when you see Peggy’s car come up the driveway. She will know it too, before she even […]

On the Crossing of Streets, 2016

by Katarina Boudreaux      “You know that’s no way to be,” Minnie says. A.J. closes his eyes. “Why can’t you just get a job?” Minnie continues. […]

Makena Beach, 2016

by Marisa Mangani      I sleep on the beach. Mom and Dad don’t know I am homeless. They’re back in Oakland thinking I’m staying at a […]

The Kiss, 2016

by Jhon Sanchez Without saying a word, Horacio puts a hundred-dollar bill in his wife Lorenza’s hand. Then, looking into her scornful eyes, their lips […]

Harold Gets His Cake, 2016

by Denise Emanuel Clemen       The stink of last night’s steak and fries, of curry, cilantro, and rotting vegetables is lodged in the thick gray Los […]

Pumpkinseed Summer, 2016

by Andrés Cruciani      A memory doesn’t always return. It waits for the right cue. A smell, a certain feeling… lingers, waits… maybe the impetus never […]

Out of Here, 2016

by Beverly Burch Even after the door slammed, Vanessa stayed at the table to wipe up the spilled beer. Then she stood, completely still, her […]