Bill Garten, 2017 Poet

All Plant Diet A late September frost unlocks the leaves spring and summer’s ornaments decorate the landscape foraging chipmunks and squirrels where one tree grabs […]

Jack D. Harvey, 2017 Poet, SHR

Jack D. Harvey, 2017 Poet

Apples Apples. Bark apples, block apples, tea apples, cart apples, apples also apples: singing harp apples, Helen’s apples, little green apples. Not apples: treacle guns, […]

Nancy L. Meyers, Poet, 2017

Nancy L. Meyer, 2017 Poet

You Deny It deny the wet and naked in the brook, deny the rock. You never feel my pulse waterfalling. The veneer of algae, that’s […]

Aya Summers, 2017 Poet

Aya Summers, 2017 Poet

Between Soul and Bone find me here, in the warm earth, love fills each barefoot step in the DEEP DEEP caves of d o w […]

Henri Bensussen, 2016 Poet

Hometown Alleys Locks and latches on alley garages unopened since the town last grew into the age of automobiles, beads of glass filling graveled pot […]

Christine Holland Cummings, 2016 Poet

Soil Manifesto It’s like a city. Could be Paris or New York, thriving, full of restaurants and art and music. Could be Detroit, hollowed out […]

Beverly Acuff Momoi, 2016 Poet

Practice: Non-attachment My mother’s sewing cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture, filled with threads and bobbins, scraps of fabric and favorite patterns, along with […]

Arlene Biala, 2016 Poet

Mingus Among Us Mingus weaves and I think I want to dance with him I want to fuse sax and bones with my fingertips Is […]

Anne Cheilek, 2016 Poet

Regarding Velvet Ropes Rothko wants you close, regardless of smoker’s breath, crows’ feet and corrosive finger oil, not even roping off stretch marks or spider-veins. […]

Nils Peterson, 2016 Poet

With Motherwell by the Sea   There is no such thing as “accident” really; it is a kind of casualness: it happened, so let it […]