Joyce Savre, 2015 Artist

Joyce Savre came to painting by way of poetry. In the process of writing and editing poems. “I became so absorbed by language, I felt I […]

Peter Foley, 2016 Artist

Sin Titulo: Allegory mixed media on canvas Peter Foley is an artist who works in a variety of media. By studying sign processes, signification and […]

Michael Pauker, 2016 Artist

Collage   Artwork Details No. 1870, collage, 2 1/16″ x 1 11/16″ 2006 No. 2092, collage, 2″ x 1 7/16″ 2006 No. 2103, collage, 2 […]

Rolando Castellon, 2016 Artist

  Rolando Castellon  “I feel like a tree”, says Rolando Castellon, and in order to describe himself, he makes a gesture of a plant that […]

Monica Zones, 2015 Artist

    Her artwork is a reflection of her relationship with her mother and and a mirror into the future. It also is meant to […]

Beverly Balanis, 2015 Artist

  Beverly Balanis is a Northern California artist who has painted primarily in watercolor for the past twenty five years. She is a member of […]

Dave Hutt, 2015 Artist

Photographer   Dave Hutt has been a professional studio photographer and printer since the 1970s, and one of the early reps in the digital photography […]

Mushroom Lady

Bonnie Henkels-Luntz, 2014 Artist

“I hope my paintings evoke something in the viewer…maybe speak to a feeling, an experience, a sense of quiet.”   Marianne Lettieri is a Palo […]


Marianne Lettieri, 2014 Artist

Marianne Lettieri’s mixed media constructions are created with everyday objects that reveal the passage of time through repetitive use and daily routines. Click on any […]


Richard Bostrum, 2014 Artist

Sculpture All the wood used in the sculptures is from reclaimed sources, tree trimmers, and scrap piles. Richard Bostrum. All the wood used in the sculptures […]